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Le Muse del Wedding was born from a deep and authentic friendship, the one between Carmen and Antonella.

This bond and the innate connection with our island, Sicily, prompted us – in 2019 – to bring to life this all-female project.

The choice of this name is not accidental; on the contrary, it refers to everything for which Sicily can be a source of inspiration: from the different cultures that are intertwined to the stories that stem from them; from the culinary traditions to the magnificent places that surround it.

Sicily is our inspiring Muse!

vulcano etna

We were born at the foot of Mount Etna, which is why we like to define ourselves volcanic, a duo that has been able to combine their strengths, with the goal of creating a wedding planning agency -what we like to call a community- capable of accompanying all couples, step by step, toward a wedding experience that reflects their dreams, desires and needs.

We have chosen to invest in ourselves, in our land, in order to provide all the best of what our Sicily has to offer.

sposi romantici


An Unforgettable Experience

Our mission is precisely to provide all our couples with an experience that allows them to fully immerse themselves in the authentic way of life of our island. This way, we can make their wedding day a true journey full of Sicilian flavors and emotions!

Easy Planning

Planning your own wedding is not easy, especially when you choose to organize it in a location different from where you live. We believe that planning and simplicity are the foundation of the perfect wedding!

Pro Approach

For this very reason, it is necessary to rely on professional figures capable of taking care of all aspects of planning, lightening the workload – both logistical and emotional – for the couple. We focus on sourcing all the necessary services for the event, according to the tastes and preferences of the bride and groom.

Modus Operandi

How do we work? After an initial introductory call, we gather as much information as possible, both as a couple and as individuals, to better understand your tastes, preferences, and, most importantly, your needs. Nothing is left to chance: we pay attention to every little detail!

Action Plan

A careful study of these elements will then lead us to evaluate which suppliers, locations, and concepts align best with your style, with an ongoing open discussion: active collaboration with our couples is the essence of our work!

The Big Day

Love and passion for this work are our driving force, a constantly fueled engine of ideas and projects to develop together with our couples. This way, we make the organization and development of their weddings a unique and exclusive event, giving them a Love Experience in Sicily.

fedi nuziali

Love Experience in Sicily

Where did this concept come from?

Everything refers to the deep bond that unites us to our island, a visceral connection: we recognize ourselves in its good values, its traditions and its culture, in love with the colors, smells and flavors emanating (and food of course!) without forgetting its infinite history, to which every corner of this island bears witness.

Being an islander is no small gift, it is a way of being: within us we possess vastness, isolation but above all the strength to reconnect . We are always looking for new connections, especially if they come from other nations and states, happy to mix our traditions with those of our couples.

cerimonia simbolica

We believe that the strengths of our Sicily lie in its authenticity and simplicity, emphasising its difference from other places, making it still so much loved, and in demand, to the point of inspiring poets and artists from all over the world.

This is how we see the weddings of our couples, as works of art, simple yet elegant; authentic yet without losing that trait of beauty that sets it apart.

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