full planning service

Full Planning

A complete service that ranges from choosing the location to assisting and supporting the guests

wedding day coordination

Wedding Day Coordination

To ensure a smooth flow, we provide a comprehensive 360-degree coordination service.

elopement service


Something that goes beyond the wedding: a true adventure for two.


We help couples who wish to organise their wedding with complete autonomy and transparency.

proposta di nozze a taormina

Full Planning Service

With Full Planning service, our job will be to assist you from the very first step: the location search. 

Once the geographic area is defined (trust us, you are spoiled for choice!), our work begins.

After a careful analysis of the budget and the services required, we will begin to create – step by step – your Sicilian wedding.

We will accompany you on a journey made of discoveries, confrontation, encounters and awareness, Sicily will have such a strong impact within you, that you will hardly forget this experience.

Those who choose to work with us have extreme awareness of how much our island plays a fundamental role in the organization of our couples’ weddings, which is why we are keen to share this knowledge with our couples.

full planning service

Wedding Day Coordination

With the Wedding Day Coordination service, it will be our job to make sure that on the wedding day, the flow of the event runs smoothly, without any unforeseen hitches.

Being able to liaise with the vendors involved in the wedding, review agreements and contracts, and handle last-minute hiccups allow us to have a straightforward overview, managing the event safely and calmly.

For us, it is essential to allow couples to enjoy the last weeks before the wedding without the stress of deadlines: this is possible by designing a perfect timing to be shared and respected.

Professionalism, fairness and cooperation are key points for us, which is why we only handle this service if contacted at least two months before the event.

wedding day coordination


Love is intimacy, not being afraid to be yourself, living intense experiences, next to your soul mate, hand in hand, worrying about nothing else.

Imagine a ceremony in a remote corner of Sicily; just the two of you, the sound of the waves crashing on the cliff, then going through a culinary experience with the typical products of our land: what could be more intimate than that?

This is how we understand our Elopement service: not a classic wedding, but a real adventure just for two.

If this is your wish, do not be afraid to make it come true: we will build together a package that has within it all the necessary services, from the location to the wedding celebrant, from the restaurant to the photographer, capturing all your dream moments.

elopement service


With this service, we help all those couples who wish to plan their wedding completely independently, simply advising them on the best suppliers and locations for the event, accompanying them on a more specific path while remaining behind the scenes.

After a careful analysis of the couple, budget, needs and requests, our task will be to draw up a list of advice, guidelines and projects to share with the couple, who will proceed independently in planning our wedding, knowing that they can always count on our support.

With this service, our support also extends to honeymoons in Sicily, providing advice on activities that can be done, places to visit, restaurants to eat at and everything else about our wonderful island.

coppia di sposi

Symbolic Ceremony

Over the years, we have come to realize that-despite the wonderful tables, the breathtaking locations surrounding a venue, the craziest and most fun parties-the most exciting and meaningful moment always remains the ceremony.

It matters little whether it is religious, civil or symbolic; when the couple – placed in front of each other – realizes that something magical is happening to them, all the Love in the world remains concentrated in that precise instant.

We love to be a part of that moment, being able to celebrate the union of two people who love each other and want to swear eternal love! That is why we offer our support for symbolic ceremonies, whether they are in Italian or in a foreign language.

After an interview with the couple, whether in person or through Zoom, where we tell each other, expectations for the day of the event, anecdotes of life lived together, how you met and much more, we will write your ceremony, step by step, containing your vows, the exchange of rings and the type of ceremony chosen.

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Full Planning Service
Wedding Day Coordination


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